Records Managment
Records management includes the efficient, effective, and economic administration of both electronic and physical files contain personal, public, or proprietary information in an organized manner and in an appropriate environment.

Records management is more than retention, storage, and disposition.  It entails all recordkeeping requirements and policies that customers require to establish and maintain control over their information flow and administrative operations.  As such, successful records management programs are full cycle – from creation and distribution, through filing and use, and ultimately to final disposition or permanent retention.

File review – Documents are reviewed for completeness.

File perfection – Gaps or discrepancies in document information are noted, and augmented or corrective information is added to the file.

Electronic and physical file searches and retrieval – Searching databases and/or file rooms to find and retrieve requested documents within a customer's prescribed timeframes.

File maintenance – Repair of physical files to include verifying number and barcode labels, repair/replace torn file jackets, process oversized files, and create files electronically if needed.
File audits -- The purpose of the audits is to ensure file accountability and minimize lost files.  Audits consist of continuous validation of file location in the file room against the electronic location within the customer's file tracking system.

File creation – Utilizing customer-identified source documents, create physical or electronic files resulting in an official record.

File room operation – Consisting of large- and small-scale operations, successful file room operations provide a safe environment for traceable file storage. In a large-scale environment, file room operation will include significant warehouse functions.

Retention/disposition/retirement – End-of-cycle file activities according to clients' records retention schedules. Files are archived properly so that they are not only preserved but also are easy to retrieve.