J&M Management Services, Inc.
Mail Management
Efficient mail management includes the processing, distribution, and forwarding of official mail to meet customers' prescribed timelines, inclusive of commercial delivery services.  Comprehensive support includes:

•   Receiving daily mail  from the USPS, certified mail, or express carrier, and processing this incoming mail by x-raying , date stamping, and validating contents, which may include information classified material.  Mail can be presorted based on urgency, sensitivity, and special classification and provide additional processing as required and defined by our customers.

•   Implementing mail handling procedures to reduce risk in the event of suspicious activity

•   Tracking special services mail and maintaining daily control logs; monitor and report postage and shipping expenses, and providing tracing, expediting, and follow-up of problem shipments.

•   Mail distribution and collection to geographic disparate locations

•   Providing the timely and accurate collection, preparation, and delivery of outbound mail; provide additional shipper documentation (UPS/FedEx/USPS/ or other carrier's electronic tracking/shipping program) and package the mail for safe transport in compliance with postal regulations, shipper requirements, and customer policy.  All mail is processed  utilizing  current postal standards and providing the most cost efficient means for sending and receiving mail and packages

•   Staffing customer service windows for pick-up of official mail, answering customer questions and providing general delivery services, as well as providing post office box service to include the assignment and close out of boxes and keys