Department of Homeland Security
The mission of the Department of the Department of Homeland Security is to prevent terrorism and enhance security; manage our borders; administer immigration laws; secure cyberspace; and ensure disaster resilience

Our services offered to USCIS and other components and agencies of the Department of Homeland Security span the entire relm of offerings from data entry, through personnel information records management, to project management.

For example, J&M supports USCIS by performing updates, inquiries, and searches utilizing Government databases and systems in support of a detailed review of over 360,000 immigration files annually. We flag potential terrorist associations and review for multiple names within a file to include applicants/petitioners/beneficiaries and their aliases. The files examined are of different levels of complexity, and as such, J&M is involved in both areas of a two-step process to address and preserve the high priority placed on fraud detection national security. Roadrunner is a step identifying all names, aliases, or name variances of applicants, beneficiaries and petitioners and their dates of birth, and recording this on a Record Of IBIS Query (ROIQ). The Hard IBIS step is the search of each name on the ROIQ in Government databases for any derogatory information.

For this entire decade, J&M has supported the DHS mission by providing high quality professional and administrative services.  We are proud to support the courageous women and men who protect our homeland, allowing them to focus on the core of their mission and trusting that their administrative expectations are being exceeded.