File/case adjudication is a vital part of the security processes.  Well trained adjudicators can significantly increase the efficiency of client personnel who render the final determination.  Adjudicators support the client by:

•  Maintaining case file arrangement, electronic or otherwise, including prior cases, investigations, and documents

•  Reviewing security forms, case related reports and investigations

•  Initially scope ROIs for sufficient coverage, prepare evaluation sheets on the results of the investigation upon receipt and provide appropriate notification of any discrepancies identified

•  Reviewing ROI's for adequacy and completeness with all supporting documentation (i.e., e-QIP security questionnaires, Personal Interview questionnaires to include Applicant Supplemental Questionnaire (ASQ)/Employee Supplemental Questionnaire (ESQ), personnel records, criminal history check results, credit bureau reports, personal financial statements, military records and vital records check results for potentially derogatory information which includes, information indicating applicants do not meet suitability criteria.

•  Preparing correspondence on deficient investigations (i.e., incomplete coverage, missing information, etc.)

•  Preparing required correspondence in order to fulfill due process requirements (i.e., Notice of Proposed Action (NOPA), Letter of Interrogatory (LOI), prepare requests for additional investigation, obtain additional information, or satisfy other requirements (i.e., Human Resources (HR) notification memoranda)

•  Making required entries in Personnel Security Database(s). Entries include creation of PSD suitability record, update of PSD suitability record, or upload of case evaluations/suitability recommendations

•  Preparing closing memoranda, required case evaluation of any derogatory and mitigating information found in investigative reports and generate the suitability and/or security recommendation. The case evaluation is in a report format, which will be provided to the contractor after award, for the adjudicative summary.

•  Preparing and routing final adjudications for imaging and retention in online records repository.