About J&M
J&M Management Services, Inc. is a Professional Services firm that has been serving both the commercial and government sectors since its inception in May, 2007. J&M is headquartered in San Diego, CA; has a regional offices in Clarksville, TN; and project office locations throughout the United States.

J&M has been certified by the Veteran Administration's Center for Verification and Evaluation as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) which has helped the company achieve significant growth in the government and public sectors.

J&M represents the finest qualities of an emerging SDVOSB as a partner to both our federal customer and large businesses.  We focus on leveraging the expertise of our core management staff while implementing proven information technology solutions that allow us to perform at a level exceeding traditional expectations.

As party of our long-term business strategy, J&M has made significant investments in corporate infrastructure to ensure a strong foundation for contract performance, strategic relationships, and growth.  The company maintains a strong credit line and manages corporate operations and finances in a prudent fashion which guarantees sufficient cash-flow and bonding in support of large project mobilization and operations.